Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’m missing good ol’ MTV Jams. I’m talking about the one I grew up watching every week when my music taste comprises of only pop and hip hop, all fed by MTV (I know no local bands at that time and I guess this was a part of growing up to a household filled with Spam and Dove soap bars, if you get my drift).

I read the other day about music stereotyping, that usually, the people who love urban music are heavily influenced by Western culture (something like that), and I won’t really argue with this one. Maybe I am. ANYWAY, enough of the babble.

This ultra-cool set that I saw from Pigeons and Planes’ site (one of my favorite music sites), Ta-Ku, is an electronic artist from Australia and from what I’ve read so far (I have to listen to his other works), is impressive with remixing and editing. I am loving this 18-track set full of soul and hip hop elements, something that’ll make you miss the late, great J. Dilla. And just the perfect chill background while lazing around or cruising on the expressway while it’s raining.


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