TRACK: ‘4r Da Squaw’ – Isaiah Rashad


The strength of The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad’s new record is his flow. It feels like, nowadays, only Run The Jewels make explosively angry rap, for lack of better term. Everyone else sounds nonchalant, introspective, defeated, exhausted, frustrated, and in very rare cases such as D.R.A.M’s, Chance’s and Kanye’s gospels (well, Ultralight Beam and Highlights, at least), uplifting, joyous. This album opener (I listened to it at least five times before I finally moved on to the next track in the record) is the best way to set the tone for TST, with Zay completely mellowed out.

GIG: The Rest Is Noise 14 X 15


I am terrible when it comes to following through gig promotions. I do keep track of stuff over at this visual-centric Tumblr page, and of course through relevant social media platforms, but that’s pretty much it. I just make posters.

But hey, we’ve been on a three-month break (that was me), but we’re back and we have two shows in September. We made sure we got a banging lineup on both dates. When The Rest Is Noise turned one during February, I was determined to make changes (~for the better~), and thankfully, Ian was supportive of said vision. I know, I know, it feels a wee bit different. And that’s for a reason*.

Don’t make me persuade you more. RSVP here, ya filthy animals.

(Update: 21.08.16; 1:07 PM – The poster was updated to include Ryoku in the lineup. I apologize for being a scatterbrain yesterday. – MC)

*Can be discussed in person on September 10 and 17 at Route 196.

VIDEO: ‘Nikes’ – Frank Ocean

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.51.11 PM

“I got two versions / I got two versions”

Normally, I do not review music videos but since this one has an ostentatious amount of inspirations from film and Frank’s previous works, and because I am out of my wits because of him since yesterday. Here’s my first impression of ‘Nikes’:

– This shot is straight outta the Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape cover (diff. car make and color)
– Plenty of shots are derived from older Stanley Kubrick and Gaspar Noe films
– This is like a polaroid of Frank in motion embracing his gayness with such vision and taste
– Thoughtful RIPs showing photos of A$AP Yams, Pimp C, and Trayvon Martin – loss in music, loss of life, loss of self (“That nigga look just like me”)
– The outro reminds you of why Frank Ocean attained his place in the ranks of great artists
– I’m most definitely reading too much into this, but “Acid on me like the rain” – CHANCE COLLAB?!

I thought my $2.99 Apple Music subscription was worth it for all these Frank blessings.

TRACK: ‘Ocean Drive’ – 21 Savage (Prod. Metro Boomin)


Massive props to this cut from 21 Savage’s Metro Boomin-produced album. This is, in my opinion, one of Young Metro’s best work to date, which, suprisingly, I liked better than his work in Future’s Evol. This just took me aback even though 21 Savage has never struck me as a fancy rapper head-on, his violence-riddled life rendering his lyrics autobiographical. An affecting work of potent lyricism swathed in hazy, eerie production, Ocean Drive is a soothing display of 21 Savage’s otherwise hardened and impassive persona.