PLAYLIST: Underwater

From June to probably until the latter part of the year, all the humidity and sweat and rage that summer brought upon us will be doused (pun, pun, pun) with tunes that will either trigger your sap center or your loins. I don’t mind. This, and the excuse to lump with several layers of clothing and eat thrice as much is the best part of the rainy season. And lookie here, a conductor to write!

I love this list of 15 Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Underwater put up by Pigeons and Planes earlier this year. If you have been reading my tweets or posts, you know I have an unfaltering romance for electronic music (almost as equal as my love for hip hop – well, basically instrumental music that kicks ass). I’ve compiled all the songs to make it easier to stream and hopefully (if ever I become as industrious as today) make my own.

1. Yuna, enough said. Also, check out another favorite, Live Your Life, which I discovered through playing Tap Tap Revenge 4!

2. Hip hop-electro marriage.

3. Always had a crush on Ellie Goulding’s vocals (and locks). This cover of The Weeknd, remixed by Xaphoon Jones is just melismatic.

4. Ryan Hemsworth’s one credible remix artist (at least that’s how he is being categorized, and not for a bad reason). Snobs (who are mostly just hacks) who insist that remixes are some sort of inferior type of music should drown in this. Oh, and did I mention this is a Shlohmo remix? Just listen.

5. FlyLo, of course. Genre-bending FlyLo.

6. Tom Krell is like Triton of this list.

7. Lapalux has been a consistent player in the remix (yes, another one) game and in this particular rework of Breton’s ‘The Commission’, his aquatic centre remix just molded beautifully with the original.

8. The original is a painfully stellar indie pop that’s almost unrecognizable after Perseus’s handwork. Jessie Ware’s powerful vocals glinted against a more somber and soulful arrangement (makes me think of a lost siren).

9. Ocean floor power.

10. XXYYXX (he/she has to come up with another monicker, stat) is described as ‘one of the leaders in the surge of bedroom producers finding their way into the mainstream’. This one makes me forget my name as much as I forget how to spell his name.

11. *sigh*

12. Like you’re sleeping on the ocean floor and hearing unnamed water creatures hauntingly singing you to sleep.

13. Xanax sonics.

14. Cinematic and heavenly.

15. One of my favorites. We need some underwater love, too.

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