VIDEO: ‘Nikes’ – Frank Ocean

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.51.11 PM

“I got two versions / I got two versions”

Normally, I do not review music videos but since this one has an ostentatious amount of inspirations from film and Frank’s previous works, and because I am out of my wits because of him since yesterday. Here’s my first impression of ‘Nikes’:

– This shot is straight outta the Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape cover (diff. car make and color)
– Plenty of shots are derived from older Stanley Kubrick and Gaspar Noe films
– This is like a polaroid of Frank in motion embracing his gayness with such vision and taste
– Thoughtful RIPs showing photos of A$AP Yams, Pimp C, and Trayvon Martin – loss in music, loss of life, loss of self (“That nigga look just like me”)
– The outro reminds you of why Frank Ocean attained his place in the ranks of great artists
– I’m most definitely reading too much into this, but “Acid on me like the rain” – CHANCE COLLAB?!

I thought my $2.99 Apple Music subscription was worth it for all these Frank blessings.


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