GIG: The Rest Is Noise 14 X 15


I am terrible when it comes to following through gig promotions. I do keep track of stuff over at this visual-centric Tumblr page, and of course through relevant social media platforms, but that’s pretty much it. I just make posters.

But hey, we’ve been on a three-month break (that was me), but we’re back and we have two shows in September. We made sure we got a banging lineup on both dates. When The Rest Is Noise turned one during February, I was determined to make changes (~for the better~), and thankfully, Ian was supportive of said vision. I know, I know, it feels a wee bit different. And that’s for a reason*.

Don’t make me persuade you more. RSVP here, ya filthy animals.

(Update: 21.08.16; 1:07 PM – The poster was updated to include Ryoku in the lineup. I apologize for being a scatterbrain yesterday. – MC)

*Can be discussed in person on September 10 and 17 at Route 196.

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