TRACK: ‘Untitled 2’ – Kendrick, you beautiful soul.

I just wrote about his ACL appearance earlier this morning, where he performed three songs from To Pimp A Butterfly, including a wake-up call – to me, at least – performance of ‘i’.

The song that preceded this, a slow burn track with a short lusty jazz solo (and the infallible Thundercat on bass) simply called ‘Untitled’, was performed in ‘The Colbert Report’, where Kendrick Lamar served as Colbert’s final music guest. It remains to be unreleased.

‘Untitled 2’* veers away from rap and hiphop constructs and is completely immersed in a piano-driven arrangement, complete with backup jazz vocals (which sounded as if they were comping the piano), where Lamar obliterated the stage completely with the final minute of his performance.

If this is a series of songs meant for live performances, then put the man on TV more.


P.S. You have no idea how much I was grinning from ear to ear, eyes closed, while listening to this – for four times now, and counting.

P.P.S. It doesn’t hurt how amazing he is while singing this animatedly. If I can only quantify how much I love this guy.

*The track is reportedly titled ‘Blue Faces’.


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