TRACK: ‘Adore’ – Savages

When four-piece, London-based band Savages broke out in 2013 with their debut album, Silence Yourself, it sounded like an orchestrated menace – that is to say, they deliberately meant to provoke, but they also exercised control with a defined, structured vision and command. Lead singer Jehnny Beth’s French accent rings with a mixture of dark romance and bravado, her battle cries triumphant, which are reminiscent of British post-punk. However, their themes are less of establishment and political woes and more of those that govern their own person and the dynamics that affect it.

Between Silence Yourself’s ‘Shut Up’ and 2015’s ‘The Answer’, the space that Savages left felt hollow, but unfinished. And it is with that same void they begin to fill with ‘Adore’, the first single off their sophomore album, Adore Life, out on January 22, under Matador Records.

‘Adore’ paces itself without the sense of urgency, grandiosity, or dramatic beckoning or assertion. Instead, it poses a question: “Is it human to adore life?” with despondency and remains so for the first half of the song. Such woebegone creeps and eats up from the inside, and at some point, almost accusing: “Do you adore life?” Its cloyingly appeasing chorus is but a brief, though unexpected, halt to pave way for ‘Adore’s cinematic overture, ascending to fiery heights with glorious cadence.


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