TRACK: ‘Eleven’ – tide/edit

tide/edit is, evidently and something that you should know by now, a practical band: adept, industrious, and most of all, fully conscientious. They operate within today’s largely laissez-faire system wherein they know what they want and they take charge of that desire, steering it to the direction they have chosen, with the undue pressure that has been put on them, not coming from others, but from their own selves. That their competition comes from within, it bares their individual tenacious hunger to better their work and put it against their previous ones, at the expense of much improved material. The growth of tide/edit’s sound is attributed to this discipline, which is more of a conscious effort to maximize the development of their upcoming sophomore album, Lightfoot, and less of bonepicking former mistakes. Essentially, in their latest single, ‘Eleven’, they are outsmarting themselves with better production, allowing us listeners to enjoy the minute details and lavish in simultaneous tempos, tambourine claps, and trademark melodic shifts – all under 3 ½ minutes. Compared to (and vaguely similar in purpose) Foreign Languages’ ‘Ten’, which is the closest to an aircraft gaining altitude, ‘Eleven’ is a kaleidoscope of bursting rhythms that beckons welcome to tide/edit’s new era.

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