RAVE: Pastel Techno

It’s one minute and 50 seconds of pure eye color- and beat-coordinated suave and allure, featuring today’s best posse of fresh-faced youngsters from music collective LOGICLUB. Left-field electronic projects have been kept underground for too long, it’s hard-pressing to think it’s only recently that people are taking notice. Pouting aside, everything seems massively exciting now that the public is offered less scrappy, regurgitated, and uninspired sound that is embarrassingly passed off as “dance music” and more of a tasteful, recontextualized form of the genre. It might not be revolutionary in the strictest sense, but it is certainly a smart blend of elegance and playfulness.

It is also a delight to look at. Tinged with colors reminiscent of Sofia Coppola films, with added spruce here and there, the looped BP Valenzuela vocals and Curtismith verse are especially pleasant. There’s an overall feeling of airiness and never-ending summer in it, but one that soaks in unabridged coolness of our days of yonder.

Photo: Bench

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