TRACK: ‘This Song Is Not About You’ – Flying Ipis

The latest offering from Flying Ipis is a remarkable collision of the quartet’s well-known manic sound – both on stage and in the studio – and dangerous, come-hither charm: a result so palpable in ‘This Song Is Not About You’, it pounds through the skin. Its most forthright credit arguably goes to Ymi Castel’s ominous guitar riffs, a less cathartic version to its predecessor ‘This Song Is About You’, but with more sensual frenzy apt for a catwalk – as the band intended. But for all its tenacity, the riffs did not upstage the rest of song’s elements, with the rhythm section more than capably providing a solid structure and pace for the beat, both the bass and drums making their presence felt steady, but pronounced. Even Deng Garcia’s voice is feverish, almost restrained, singing the reprise with daring and a little bit of mischief. ‘This Song Is Not About You’ resembles not much of Flying Ipis’ past work (with the exception of ‘Sssikreto’ and its gratifying bass lines), although their sound and charm, as described above, are invariably embedded to their band identity that it further highlights a stronger balance between their brazen musicality and empowered sexuality.


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