TRACK: ‘The Great Divide’ – Half-Lit


Karen O’s “The Moon Song” is heartbreakingly beautiful in its earnestness and unadulterated hope. It brings the promise of indefinite tomorrows in almost sugar-coated bliss. And its vulnerability echoes similar to “The Great Divide,” the latest effort from Half-Lit, BP Valenzuela’s ‘post-midnight’ side project.

Chronicling the ghost of a relationship that is riddled with ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have beens’, there’s a sense of lingering in those six-plus minutes, easing up the pace, and finally ending this chapter. This feels like BP Valenzuela’s attempts to convey her message, a fragment of herself, in a manner and execution that is no less personal in her work in The Neon Hour and be/ep, but in a form of susceptibility that befits Half-Lit as how she means it. “The Great Divide” is a pensive kind of sadness that already has depth and weight, without the need for elaborate arrangement or emphasis.


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