TRACK: ‘Willing & Able’ – Disclosure (f/ Kwabs)


Many are already arguing that Caracal, the follow-up to Disclosure’s massive debut record, Settle, feels like a watered-version of the Lawrence brothers’ previous work. I, myself, had mixed feelings about it. I wasn’t impressed with ‘Omen’, their much-anticipated second collaboration with Sam Smith, who was propelled to superstar status via ‘Latch’ – a definitive, career-defining hit for Disclosure and Smith. I don’t even remember the track ‘Omen’ was supposed to be a sequel in the album. But I was particularly endeared to ‘Moving Mountains’, which featured vocals from Brendan Reilly and was premiered in Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. So far, the element that the audience came to love and the very thing that made Disclosure a household name in this generation of house music, seemed pale in comparison. I would have agreed, until yesterday.

Disclosure released the fourth track from ‘Caracal’, called ‘Willing & Able’, this time, featuring 25-year old British singer, Kwabs, who received international recognition with his 2014 hit, ‘Walk’. Kwabs reminds me a lot of James Fauntleroy and Sampha, with vocals that contrive such a compelling and intoxicating effect that made the rest bleakly fade into the background. ‘Willing & Able’ is a love song of its own caliber – not the first of its kind, definitely, but sans the wide-eyed, blithely dreamy factor.

It’s not about hope or lack thereof, not about faith or a taking leap of it, and certainly not about the irrational will to wait, plead, or of martyrdom. Nor it is about the silent distance of love and being.

It is a declarative bargain in unabated earnestness, in black and white candor. If we’re falling in love / we’re falling in love. Easier said than done, yes, and could be even foolish and at a certain point, selfish. But the entire song is full of tenacity of committing, all cards on the table, fuck the consequences, we’ll deal with this later. As a Jezebel article pointed out, the track feels like “consenting to flames.” I wish I came up with that phrase, for it encompassed this track accurately – at least to me – in three words.

If we can’t trust the love in us
There’ll be no looking back, no looking back, no

If I’m gonna fall in, I’m gonna fall my all in
If I’m gonna fall in, I’m gonna fall my all in

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