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This was a poem my wide-eyed, blithely naive, and deceitful 24-year old self wrote for someone for what feels like light years ago. I wrote it on my notebook and gave it to him, folded it at least four times in a futile attempt to smush my feelings and embarrassment by making it at least difficult for him to unfold what’s metaphorically layers of adoration I’ve had that I felt I was forced to come to terms with, simply because holding them – all bottled up inside – felt like a warhead that’s about to combust any given moment.

I’m not posting it out of spite (spoiler alert: things didn’t work out), but merely purging out some of the wany details of my past that I felt are safe to loiter in public domain, unattached to my memories. It just felt lighter to do so.

Also, I made this for him. Because, again, the things you do…

I wrote him (and my feelings for him) a farewell letter and made him a mixtape.


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