TRACK: ‘Steady’ – BP Valenzuela

A night like this one is plagued with sadness, creeping inside your room and filling up your walls with dread – of memories that insist to be recollected, or feelings that refuse to dissipate.

A YouTube user left this comment on Sharon Van Etten’s “Love More”:

It’s not “clever lonely” like Morissey [sic], or “interesting lonely” like Radiohead. It’s “lonely lonely”; like when you’re hugged by someone and it somehow makes you sadder.

Almost the same can be said about BP Valenzuela’s “Steady.” Whereas Sharon Van Etten’s crushing number accepts defeat, there is little hope left (but still accounts for something) in BP Valenzuela’s “Steady” – the latter still seeking answers, her thoughts punctuated with a question mark rather than a period. Traipsing in risks and chances that may or may not be, the melancholy in Valenzuela’s lyrics are wrapped with optimism in her melodies, burgeoning towards the end. Listening to it is like watching the crack of dawn, with the last of the night slowly, then rapidly swallowed by warmth and light, bearing the promise of a better day.

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