DECIJAMS: Weeks #4 and 5 of 2015


The last week of January has been one big blur. Most of the details were fuzzy, like your typical drunken evening, and that’s saying something, given that I haven’t been inebriated for, I dunno, I forgot how long. But all I know is that I was scurrying in-between workloads and preparations for February, that I was just looking forward to a quick refuge in Baguio for a weekend. That’s why I wasn’t able to update my roundup of tracks last week. Even now, my hands are still tied up at work, my editing load is doubled this week until before Valentine’s Day (I just said that for no reason whatsoever); one of my mixtapes were taken down by Mediafire (the Hammock track was traced or something. Whatever. I’ll reupload it once I got the chance); I’m *busy* with listing down stuff for my birthday (a big, fat excuse to buy all the books that I want) that thankfully, my aunt got for me; and even with my month-long hiatus from gigs last month, I’ll still skip two this week because there’s still plenty of stuff I have to do, and this flu-like crankiness isn’t helping one bit.

Perhaps one of the highlights would be watching Tycho this week. Thanks to Bel, we got free passes to the show. It was almost last minute, and I have to be at work on the next day since I took a day off just the day before because I want to rest after our trip in Baguio. I even wanted to write about that, but all I churned out is a note about bus rides.

Also, we revealed the lineup for our collaborative gig, The Rest Is Noise (with help from Bel of [Indie] Manila and Ian of Vandals On The Wall), which will happen at the end of the month. That, I promise, I’ll definitely write about.

I’m pretty sure this list is incomplete, though I did my best to track down all the music I raved about during the last two weeks.

‘Lie, Cheat, Steal’ – Run The Jewels

‘3rd World Hustle’ – Nocando

‘Fine’ – CRWN

‘4WZ Mixtape’ – Shy Girls

‘This Is The Album’ – Jaden Smith

‘Bad Believer’ – St. Vincent

‘FourFiveSeconds’ – Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney

‘e’ – tricot


Watch video via NME

‘Goodbye’ – Spazzkid

‘Locomotive’ – Birdforms

‘Bigkas’ – Brisom


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