RAVE: ‘Is This Love’ – Jensen And The Flips

Photo: Gab Pili

Photo: Gab Pili

‘Is This Love’, Jensen and The Flips’ new single, is a rendezvous of uncertain feelings and instinct; of risks and rapture of the senses. The title seemed to be rhetorical, if we put it in an emotional context; literal, if the lyrics are to be dissected and interpreted as is. But most importantly, it IS indeed love in corporeal form: its unencumbered melody is almost tangible, its words unapologetic and abetting (Of our lies, we rise and fall / We aimed our faults / To which we hold and go tonight).

Sans censoring myself, this song might be even seen as a sonic equivalent to the human sexual response cycle (I took my Human Sexuality subject seriously in college), of which you can break down to these phases: excitement (intro + first verse), plateau (chorus + second verse), orgasmic (guitar solo), and resolution (outro). I can’t really explain myself properly without mentioning this, so there.

We’re never gonna make it.

The song also reminds me of something I wrote way back, inspired by a picture I saw on Tumblr. Here it is:

Your skin rests against my skin
A slew of emotions consume me
And combust in a slur of passion
You and I whisper from ear to ear
Words of candor, ardor, fervor
Breathing in each other’s scent
Burying each other in the hollows and planes of our anatomy

A perfect fit.

I fucking love this song.


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