REVIEW: The Best Local Albums of 2014

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There’s an overwhelming amount of local releases this year that I cannot keep up with all of them, in between my day job, life, going to gigs, and taking care of my cat. I have to thank Ian, whom exhausted all the tracks, EPs, albums, and new acts featured on Vandals on the Wall, which, combined with my personal affiliation with, I was able to curate my own list of what I deem as the best albums released last year. Me and the amazing guys over at VOTW did a separate list for this, which you can check out here. However, here’s my personal top local albums of 2014, unranked.

‘1.  We Are Autotelic – Autotelic


Standout tracks: ‘Unstable’, ‘Dalhin, ‘Dahilan’

2. ‘Distance From Reality’ – Dott Seki


Standout tracks: ‘Karma Loop’, ‘Days of Confusion’

3. ‘Flirting With The Universe’ – Loop


Standout tracks: ‘Appalled and Disgusted’, ‘Lost’, ‘Adorable’

4. ‘Pelota Court’ – Maude


Standout tracks: ‘Takda’, ‘Sikreto’, ‘Ride Your Car’, ‘Smoke’

5. ‘Pastilan Dong!’ – Pastilan Dong


Standout tracks: ‘You For Yeah’, ‘Intawon’, ‘Twee Pop Sheet’

6. ‘The Gentle Sound of Chaos’ – Peso Movement


Standout tracks: ‘Bawal Simangot’, ‘State of Bliss’, ‘Dadami Pera’

7. ‘Haláng’ – The Purplechickens


Standout tracks: ‘Dayami’, ’25’, ‘Casanova’, ‘Telluria’

8. ‘Ang Itlog at Ang Demonyo’ – Radioactive Sago Project

Standout tracks: ‘Utak Garapata’, ‘Trip’, ‘Samboy’

9. ‘Foreign Languages’ – tide/edit


Standout tracks: ‘Odd & Even’, ‘Technicolor’, ‘Northernmost

10. ‘Ballroom Dancing’ – Wilderness


Standout tracks: ‘Pasaway’, ‘(triforce)’, ‘Electrick Cha Cha’

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