TRACK: ‘Even If You Asked Me’ – BP Valenzuela

Photo from BP Valenzuela’s Facebook page

There’s a certain way BP Valenzuela weaves her way between words and melodies, as well as moods and feelings, that sheds even the thickest of layers, corrodes the strongest of walls, and plumbs into the toughest core, piercing its way within. In her newest song she sings, “and you smelled like smoke / and tasted like fire / you hurt like a burn / now you’re just a scar.” There’s something about how she chronicles the vulnerability and naivety of each one of us, herself included; the joys and pitfalls of love, and how it ultimately affects us. 

The manner that ‘Even If You Asked Me’ began, became, and ended is bittersweet. What has always been laudable with her is how she can satisfyingly combine technical skill with the planes of her emotions: piece and craft them with her ideas and eventually make them a relatable narrative that reflects back a state or circumstance where the rest of us may have been caught in the past, or are going through right now. The soft and sweet, yet somber, sound in the beginning; the grappling section in the middle; and the buoying, almost weightless ending strike a familiar chord. Maybe even to a point where you’ll find yourself listening to BP Valenzuela lulling you with either (or maybe both) her or your version of that similar story.

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