RAVE: ‘Thank God It’s Doomsday’ – The Gory Orgies



The first time I was made aware of The Gory Orgies’ existence was when I saw Mariah Reodica’s (of The Buildings) tweet about them. But it was only today that I listened to a track (so far, they only have two posted on SoundCloud) and within the first five seconds, I’m already sold.

Right now, I’m not gonna extrapolate on how The Gory Orgies have this passive-aggressive, but definitely a maniacal air that effectively charms anyone who’s been young and stupid – and I say this dearly (I was once, am still). Or that to me, they have the same appeal as kitsch, specifically the early ’90s kind, around the time when the Riot Grrrl movement got big and Nirvana was still largely unheard of.

‘Thank God It’s Doomsday’ reminded me of that time, back in college, when I was so shitfaced, I threw up all over my bedroom floor, the bathroom just five steps away when my gag reflex willed it upon itself to hurl that day’s meal on the floor instead of somewhere less messy. And I was crying as I clean it up (I think I was home alone that time), mopping a pool of sick, in a music video acting kind of way. Also that time when we had to chase our friend in Cubao – all of us in varying sobriety – because he was so drunk he threw up in every post (I did the same thing actually, at The Fort’s glorious, beautiful plant boxes. Sorry.) But also, this song reminded me of that time when my friend and I were on our way home from Clark to my house (in Bulacan) and we had to share a cab with a couple because there was no other option (no buses or jeepneys are available that time. It was almost 1 am) and the cabbie agreed to drive us to Malolos for 450 pesos. Okay, whatever. Just get us at least close to home. But then I realized the driver has no earthly clue where he was taking us. He took SCTEX but instead of taking the right exit that will connect us to the Pampanga-Bulacan thoroughfare, which should have just taken us about an hour, he went straight to the Manila route. WTF?! I was already dozing off before my friend woke me up and I realized I’m the only one, not the driver, who knows which exit(s) to take. But since I don’t want to anger him because who knows if he has a shady plan after all, I told him, “Kuya, sa Bocaue Exit ka po, bago mag-toll gate. Baka makarating po tayo ng Manila, sa Bulacan lang po kami.” In the end, I saw the meter read around 800 pesos, exclusive of the two toll fees he paid in Pampanga and in Bulacan, so that’s roughly 950 pesos. But since we agreed to pay 450 pesos beforehand, I quickly paid the exact fare and got out of that cab before he could say something. I know, I know. Then finally, when we got home and I was about to sleep, I checked my phone for the time. It was past 3 am already. And I realized, whoa. Happy birthday to me.

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