RAVE: Tom’s Story

Photo by Gab Pili

I cannot stress this enough: I love Tom’s Story. I remember watching them first in a A Spur of the Moment gig I think back in 2013 (or late 2012). This three-piece band is many things: like an adrenaline shot to a lifeless heart, a cliffhanger episode of your favorite TV show, a make-or-break Jenga move, nailing a skateboard flip flawlessly, or perhaps my favorite: gaining momentum on the expressway at night.

I remember this post-gig round-table discussion we had (it was after the Docdef x Save The Day gig two days after Christmas last year) about great instrumental rock bands we have today. I was yammering about my favorite bands, like tide/edit, how their strength lies in how they are able to employ and execute above-average, almost cinematic, dynamics that not all bands are able to deliver (thus resulting to boring, predictable formulaic results). Tom’s Story, on the other hand, sustains both mood and dynamics, like a high-octane sonic ride that spindles the audience to a collective rhapsody, if you will. No dull moment – ever.

But what also draws me to Tom’s Story is their sense of control. For a technically wordless band, their tracks have plenty to tell. But not necessarily by ramming screeching chords or forcing two-minute solos to make a point. Short and sweet (although the latter is open to context), as they say. It’s precisely what keeps me yearning for more, with bated breath.


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