RAVE: RH Xanders

Screengrab from Vimeo

I had to rise from my sickbed to write something about the unbelievably and criminally underrated RH Xanders (Rich Griner). I’ve watched him play the guitar for Chocolate Grass and Paolo Mallari’s live sets, in the video for his collaboration with hiphop artist Skarm (“Schoolhouse of Funk”) but only recently did I fully looked him up online and struck a virtual goldmine of his genius on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

While some rap a.k.a yak about nonsensical ramblings, this guy does his own narrative – almost adjudicating, in fact – with flamboyance and swagger.

been askin’ for change, feel like i’m beggin’ in space
it ain’t about what i say, it’s about what i do and where i’m gon’ stay
waitin’ got me impatient, so i built my own spaceship
i’m here to rearrange shit, cause all i’m hearing’s the same shit
sick and tired of these patterns, sick and tired of hiding back in that cavern

As Ian noted in his 2013 review for Justin De Guzman’s remix of RH Xanders’s “Transient” – the latter’s EP, Kasmeek Mirrah vol. 3 is “probably the best hiphop EP of 2013 that you haven’t even heard of.” But let’s change that, shall we?

Though birthed on the streets, rap is by no means a cheap, substandard music genre parroting a stereotyped spectrum of sex, violence, and drugs. I’m sick of that view.

im redesigning my mind to its prime so i climb
this ladder of consciousness opposite side of the grime
feelin divine watch me as i recline
metaphysical education in my soul

This guy’s something. And there’s more of where that came from.



rhxanders’ SoundCloud and Bandcamp

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