VIDEO: ‘Solipsism Variations’ – Nights of Rizal

The marriage between Sylvia Plath’s hauntingly vivid poetry and Night of Rizal’s enigmatic – even frenetic at most times – mold of sound might seem like a rather perplexing union at first, but it’s actually not the most interesting part. Rather, the exploration of Plath’s “Soliloquy of a Solipsist,” a poem that plumbs the depths of one’s consciousness and control (or lack thereof) of life, through visual interpretation and rhythm. Jethro Ramon’s silent film, Solipsism Variations, played with shadows and silhouettes; paced with Night of Rizal’s pulsating beats and melodic synthwork which ebbed and flowed gracefully towards the end. As far as film scoring goes, Nights of Rizal echoed the voice of Solipsism Variations without overstretching or underplaying the film’s story and idea.

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