TRACK: ‘Syllable’ – Birdforms

Nick Lazaro’s known for his frenetic music blueprint that defines his unique style – whether it’s his work with Twin Lobster, Moonwlk, or even sessioning for BP Valenzuela’s live sets these days. His frenzied synthwork and over-the-top energy is completely hard to miss: inescapable, infectiously buoyant. However, there’s an interesting tweak (not really a notable change) in what one would usually anticipate in a song with his name on it. Together with drummer-electronic musician Pat Sarabia (Peryodiko, Wilderness, Plant a Tree) and visual artist-musician Kara Chung, this trio formed a new electronic project called Birdforms. Judging from their first release, ‘Syllable,’ here’s a sound that’s much controlled, a gentle restraint that explores not only the bounds and dimensions of the three’s individual and combined musicianship, but also their skills as producers. Perhaps the strongest point of ‘Syllable’ is that it sounded light, but not lazy. In fact, its lightness does not dwindle as the track progresses, but moreover, heightened by subtle accents such as the keyboards and bass. More importantly, it does not lose its character – the thing we’ll recognize instantly from these three. It’s faint, but it’s definitely there.


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