TRACK: ‘Let’s Go Travel like Sparrows’ – Encounters With A Yeti (f/ Signs Of Light In The Atmosphere and The Ringmaster)

The first gig I’ve watched was Encounters With A Yeti’s album launch in 19 East in 2012. I had no idea what and who to expect, I just tagged along Ian because I thought it was about time I go to a gig and “might end up liking it.” Long story short, it was nothing like I’ve heard before. It was literally a revelation to hear a kind of music I wasn’t used to listening before. “Pilot” ended up being one of my all-time favorite records, simply because the material is like a collection of sonic canvases of an old friend, or of a stranger whom you feel like you’ve known for years. It had such a strong human connection, it was impossible to not be moved by it.

Now, after what felt like a really long time, Encounters With A Yeti collaborated with Dave Go (Signs of Light in the Atmosphere) and Francis Lorenzo (The Ringmaster) to release a touching ode to love, ‘Let’s Go Travel Like Sparrows.’ It was as free and as light as the title suggests, with bursts of hope ringing from every corner. The track had an entrancing quality to it, so palpable and with such remarkable depth, it’s almost tangible. It’s reminiscent of great instrumentation with the likes of Caspian, Hammock, Mogwai, and Sigur Ros – with no less abating the very essence of songwriting: its soul.


One thought on “TRACK: ‘Let’s Go Travel like Sparrows’ – Encounters With A Yeti (f/ Signs Of Light In The Atmosphere and The Ringmaster)

  1. N142113 says:

    Very nicely written. I can very much relate to how you were feeling when you heard them played. It must be the same feeling I felt when I heard Explosions in the Sky played live in Manila last year. Encounters with a Yeti is pretty much like our local version of them. I have always loved instrumental music. I like how the emotions they bring out from you are not limited to the lyrics of a typical song. It challenges you to be creative, to be imaginative of how you would like to interpret the song.

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