TRACK: ‘Planet #2’ – The After-School Special

Fresh from his recent trip in Korea, Anton Salvador documented his trip sonically, capturing a mood somewhat less frenetic than one would usually expect when you think of the country, especially its music industry (which he clarified prior to releasing the track). ‘Planet #2’ is – no pun intended – spacey. Its drifting and soothing quality makes you think of old, charming villages, artisan workshops, and traditional comforts from this side of the world, away from the bustling and commercialized spotlight of Korea’s capital, Seoul. At least, it’s how the track’s story appeals to me. Nevertheless, this new offering from Anton Salvador’s side project as The After-School Special has culminated an experience and has shared it in a way that we can see what he saw, taste what he tasted, and feel what he felt.


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