TRACK: ‘Maude – Grab (rclsdrvr rmx)’ – Reclusedriver

Davao-based Ceejay Sagarino’s electronic side project, Recluse Driver, is a collage of nu wave and disco-infused tracks sampled from a wide range of influences, mostly deriving from her favorite films. It’s quite impossible not to do some shoulder-shimmying or bust a move when you happened to spend some time on her SoundCloud account. There’s a distinct difference between her personal work and as Recluse Driver, the latter being more ‘now’-driven, depending on what’s on her mind at the time. The sonicscapes of Recluse Driver shifts from 8-bit samples to whitewashed synths. It complements her personal work in a way that it gives an in-depth peek to the things that inspire her oeuvre.

Her take on Maude’s ‘Grab,’ a track from the band’s debut album, Pelota Court, diverts from the hefty guitar- and drum-work of the original. She steered it to a full-blown elctro-R&B, downtempo direction, subtly reminiscent of Anoraak and Autre Ne Veut. It’s a refreshing alternative, much like her entire body of work so far.

(P.S. I remember Ian telling me about her and I am just scurrying to the party – never too late to enjoy Ceejay’s music, which I hope I can listen to live in the near future.)

Photo above courtesy of Amelia Rose Baird.

Check out Ceejay Sagarino (also as Recluse Driver) on SoundCloud.


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