TRACK: ‘Where You Wanna Be’ – Justin De Guzman

The art of sampling is often blurred when it is used as a discourse aimed at nothing but pointing out that it is merely done to a half-baked track on which the musician ran out of ideas and just filled in the gaps for good measure. Such argument is flawed, but neither is it entirely false. But when done smart, sampling can breathe life to a long-forgotten song, a little-known b-side, a lesser-known single, or even a fading coda.

If you are familiar with Justin De Guzman’s work as head honcho of Deeper Manila, the label which cultivated exceptional talents such as June Marieezy and a plethora of Manila’s electronic artists and DJs, then you’d expect nothing short of carefully contextualized mixes, materializing into what most people regard as IDM or intelligent dance music. Regardless of category, his manipulation of Cassie’s 2006 hit, “Me & You,” is an undulating effort that highlights the song’s key moments. But instead of the catchy, one-dimensional beats we are familiar with, he slowed it down, replaced it with more textures, and added a subtle kink all throughout. Better than the original, and right on time with the change of season.

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