TRACK: ‘Trading Paint’ – The After-School Special

Anton Salvador’s solo project, The After-School Special, has forayed into the brooding, left-field recesses of electronic music. For those who are confused or otherwise label-nitpicky, his brand specializes in ‘introverted dance music’ – his thoughts and moods bouncing on every melodic and rhythmic corner of his compositions. You can tell, or at least hazard a guess, as to what he has in mind, what’s going through it, when he’s in his creative zone. Not surprising is how he manages to blueprint his sound, however varying its tones were, compared to his contemporaries in Buwan-Buwan Collective – or any other electronic musician, for that matter. And that is why he managed to sustain the excitement when it comes to listening to the next track he uploads on the Internet. Completely strayed from his recently released EP, Off Shoot Geometric, the sound of his newest track, Trading Paint, is in an entirely different rendezvous. Dominated with deep, heavy bass and an ominous, yet oddly entrancing beat section, it’s the type of track that gets under your skin overtime – like something that will pounce on you when you least expect it. Rather reminiscent of Evian Christ and Baths, and a hint of How To Destroy Angels, ‘Trading Paint’ bares unpleasant, unwanted, and even frightening scenarios and put into a beguiling context where you’ll fall prey to it, regardless of what can happen next.


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