TRACK: ‘Superfeelings’ – Soul_brk

Leon Esquillon, whose work as SOUL_BRK capitalizes on mellifluous arrangements, gratifies the senses and above all, makes melancholia sound alluring. His sound palette makes you devour on despair or sadness as if it’s chocolate melting on your hands. From his previous works, Terminus EP and Dreamscape Oddities, he’s gotten the flair of mixing probably the best tunes for nocturnal woes or rendezvous, whichever applies.

In his latest track, ‘Superfeelings’, there’s a tenderness that accompanies the looped piano intro from Chris Brown’s 2008 chart-topper, ‘Superhuman’, with spacious synths weaving in and out, dramatizing the simple key arrangement without going over the top. If you think about it, it’s quite an oxymoron that ‘super’ is a prefix used for something magnificent, glorious, and wonderful when such occasions like these that yield such heavy emotions are anything but. Then again, if they sound as luscious as this one, bring on those feelings then.


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