TRACK: ‘Something About Us (Daft Punk cover)’ – Spazzkid

‘Something About Us,’ regarded as a Daft Punk classic, has sustained its charm over the years despite being a less upbeat cut from their 2001 record, Discovery – something that we are not used to from the duo. Moreover, its clear lovestruck message has further endeared us to it. That’s why anyone who breathes new life into it has known better than to take away the very element that makes it a gem in the first place.

Spazzkid’s treatment incorporates his well-known glitzy, dancefloor-ready electropop techniques that have managed to preserve the charm and essence of the original without sounding overdone. If anything, it even enhanced the electro funk details. Also all the more interesting is the fact that Daft Punk used it as the score for their 2003 animated feature film, Interstella 5555, which if you listen to with Spazzkid’s cover, it’s as if it complemented the film just as much as the original did.

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