TRACK: ‘May This Be A Letter To You’ – Sleeper Second

There is a unique medical condition wherein a person’s sense of hearing is so acute, so potent that he or she is able to listen to all the sounds his or her own body makes, all at the same time. The result is chaotic, and needless to say, messes with the mind. However, if you put this in a less dramatic, albeit creative, context, this level of perception and sensitivity can be truly powerful when attempting to understand even what can be thought of as trivial or unimportant. Listening to SleeperSecond’s “May This Be A Letter To You” feels like being privy to his thought processes and feelings. Capturing even the most mundane sounds – a revving of an engine from a distance, the soft buzz of nocturnal insects – he is able to flesh out the music of the night: a series of ordinary and unwarranted ideas that occupy your head after all the day’s worries are over. But instead of writing them down, Jezi Matias turned to keys, strings, and synths, creating dimensions to his emotions as carefully as he can. “May This Be A Letter To You” is poignant, intuitive, and cinematic, even. It speaks in volumes even with the absence of words.


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