TRACK: ‘Late’ – C R W N

King Puentespina’s work as C R W N has a strong sense of nostalgia: like wading through a deep pool of memories. His previous releases on SoundCloud (“New Yorker,” ”Back Home,” and “Tidal”) have been reminiscent of people, places, things, or an era from the past that holds a tender spot in our hearts. Undoubtedly, the man has an impeccable penchant for rhythm (he also plays drums for She’s Only Sixteen), mixing classic tunes with the digital-age music without losing the bravado of the former, which arguably makes his style, tick.

But in his recent track, “Late,” C R W N delivers an entirely different sound, that of refreshing candor. There’s the wispy synthwork from the get-go and the dotted rhythm, which when combined with the Ryan Hemsworth-slash-Cashmere Cat guile, results to an inarguably laid-back and soothing nighttime ditty. But most of all, it’s also like being in a pool. Only instead of wading through waters, you simply stay afloat.


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