TRACK: ‘Aphrodite (I Want It)’ – Qelle

There’s not much information found on Qelle online, and so far, his/her SoundCloud page has only one uploaded track. At first listen, “Aphrodite (I Want It)” sounds similar to C R W N’s style, with hints of electronic producers Cashmere Cat and Dream Koala’s subdued, fluid sonic templates. The first minute was a decent “okay, I’ll relax to this” kind of vibe, but then towards the second minute, it got down to business: beats pounding heavily like thunder before finally letting a steady downpour of rain. They’re like shades of grey and blue flooding down your head, but that doesn’t necessarily mean dull, but on the contrary, reticent. And just when you thought it’s done, after that brief pause on the 2:20 mark, it felt like seeing a stretch of ocean ahead of you, with waves stirring gently within each other. It’s such a tranquil feeling you didn’t fully expect based on how the track progressed.

There’s no way of knowing what Qelle has in store for us next, but if I were to rely on the strength of his/her debut, then I, for one, can’t wait to hear more.


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