TRACK: ‘Alikabok’ – Squid 9

Squid9 Origamidi - iPad - 2048x1536 - 01

Squid 9’s latest release this year, Origamidi, boasted a clever mix of industrial, techno, punk, and alternative rock. Their latest single, ‘Alikabok,’ possesses the strengths of each of these elements, packing a punch from beginning to end. The tenacity of the track combines Raymund Marasigan’s natural spunk, Paolo Peralta’s hard-hitting beats and synths, and Shinji Tanaka’s technical prowess, leaving no dwindling moment in the entire track – or the entire album, for that matter. The lyrics’ brutally frank reexamination of the be-all and end-all of human existence is heard loud and clear in a manner a band such as Squid 9 can.

 Download the track for free via

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