ALBUM: ‘Perspectives’ – Brisom

Branding Brisom’s music as “soulful indie pop” is rather strategic. It’s a smart combination that is downright appealing: something for the nonchalant, the hip, and the radio-listening masses, encompassing a medley of genres that is neither hit or miss. One of their strengths, and it becomes very apparent now, goes beyond their material. Finishing a record is not an ultimatum set in order to be fulfilled as a band, but merely their momentum. After all, Brisom is comprised of musicians from post-millennial bands like Menaya, Soapdish and Silent Sanctuary. That being said, Brisom is a collectively different-sounding group. There are heavy influences of ‘80s pop, ‘90s rock, and a fusion of electronica carefully assembled in producing what eventually would become their debut EP, Perspectives.

Overall, the five-track EP’s strengths are its melodic riffs coupled with a tight rhythm section and electronic accompaniment. The latter serves as a balancing medium to each song: not too pop, not too rock. Another thing is the track listing. It might sound like an elementary detail, even trivial for some. But for a listener, it provides a good deal of mood-setting and sometimes, of storytelling. There’s an endearing complexity in the arrangements of its opening track, ‘Muted In Color,’ which soars as a carefree summer anthem, a groovy blend of Bombay Bicycle Club and Temper Trap influences. ‘Will I’ is an inflected counterpart of its original cut, stripped much of its strings yet smack full of pulsating beats. Lyrically, it is also a standout among the four. ‘Waking Lives’ and ‘Will I’’s original, guitar-heavy versions are solid crowd pleasers that can easily draw hordes of people to sing and bang their heads in unison, whereas ‘Day After Day’ is well-placed at the middle, leaning towards a more subdued, mellow mood.

Brisom’s first offering is the kind of music that whether you hear it live or on your music player, there is a stamina to it that gets preserved regardless of the medium. Whether they can sustain that depends, but for now, Brisom is fucking good.


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