Hit The Road: Songs For The Daily Commute

A large chunk of my day is spent on the road. My daily commute when I was in college—and later on, to and from work—was no less than two hours. The traffic is usually bad, often monstrous and hopeless during rush hour. It’s not the same case, though, when it comes to road trips; say, going up north or down south, taking the expressway away from cursed EDSA.

Whichever the case, I make sure I have my iPod with me. Hours of our lives should not go to a complete waste; I find that music can be a diversion, or much better, a great stress reliever. Some songs just fit the bill. Whether or not they were purposely made for driving, there’s fun that can be found listening to them while stuck in traffic. A long drive with accompanying music often makes the journey worth your while.

Peach” is my favorite track from Identikit‘s Out of the Floodways and Into Your Homes. It conjures up sensations like the breeze kissing your cheeks or the sun warming up the world, begging you to embark on a new adventure.

There is something romantic about the idea of driving miles, through toll gates and traffic, just so you can show up at your beloved’s doorstep. Despite the impracticality, many of us women still find this gesture chivalrous. Why not cross the distance in a better mood by firing this up on your car stereo while on your way there?

This track brims with sweet summer feelings—even nostalgia. If you are planning to hit the beach this summer (of course you are), you might as well get perked up by putting on “Tongue Tied” and singing along.

You’re coming back from your weekend rendezvous, and it didn’t turn out as well as you thought. Play this in the background, and you might feel less sulky and just a little more likely to shimmy to this song’s infectious riffs instead.

harana fit for the expressway, this song is. Listen to it, because why not?

I associate road trips with life. There’s a certain philosophy that I believe can be found in the trivial act of driving; not to mention the practice of weaving patience out of nowhere (for traffic situations of biblical proportions) Maybe I’m just trying to be poetic; maybe this Valetparking song just reminds me that wherever we go and no matter how long it takes us to get there, the prospect of seeing the people we love is always worth it.

Carlo Lava’s pop rock flavored music can rouse your system just as good as coffee can. After all, who wouldn’t want to pair his or her morning cup of coffee with a good morning track, instead of the hoots and blares of bus horns?

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