Track: ‘New World’ – Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is one of those bands with keen perceptiveness on things, ranging from trivial to overwhelming. They have an ability to capture moments (their somber instrumentals on Fragmented and Bipolar) and memories (all of their songs that relive stories of heartbreaks and infidelities) and preserve it as chronic reminders of what make us human. Some of us were gravely attached to the pains of “Oo” and the sacred promises of “Tadhana” that sometimes, it made us forget that life is as breathlessly beautiful as it can be unfair. For 10 years now, Up Dharma Down has been a crying shoulder, a force of nature, a confidante, a friend – personifying complicated feelings we deal with when it comes to love.

“New World”, however, is a song that takes you to life and love’s happier dimensions. Love can make you weep, but it can also make you dance. It can get you hurt, but it also allows you to hope if you “open up your eyes and see.” While Armi Millare’s vocals and keyboards float like a languid stream of water, the song’s bodywork bursts of sonic palettes: its synthwork and percussions most defining, then tightened with well-placed guitar-spun melodies. If this song has a physical form, it’ll take your hand as you roll away into the sunset.

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