Track: ‘Houdin’ – Nouvul

If electronic R&B were an Olympic event, Nouvul would have won gold medals for it. Clearly, they are becoming masters at it, given that they are, technically, a young band/act. Reinvigorating ’90s slow jam techniques harnessed with Jorge Wieneke’s beatmaking skills and live accompaniment easily creates a graceful, supple tryst of melodies and mood. And creating a mood is where they best hit the spot.

Whether it’s suggestive of a private rendezvous or a post-script of a wistful heartache, Nouvul manufactures an atmosphere for romance, good or otherwise. “Feel the magic, feels like magic,” Jorge sings repeatedly in “Houdin”, against a sinuous and smooth synthwork, dotted with percussions reminiscent of Aaliyah and Usher, My Way-era. Houdin’s plain-spoken message is its own magic, a spell, if you will. It just comes with a trail of slinky kind of fairy dust.

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Screen grab above from Vandals on the Wall website

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