Play in Black (Updated)

I’ve been playing with black backgrounds lately for my typography project and decided to incorporate the similar palette used on album covers to make a typography of each album’s track listing. So far, I’ve done two using black backgrounds, plus an earlier work using a white one. I’m planning to do more (hopefully I don’t get lazy), and try to experiment more colors instead of my traditional black and white style. Of course, minimalism is still in play here, focusing on the textures of the letters, and using a few lines and shapes. The key here is balancing it out, as well as making it visually appealing, with added colors, but not making it look too ‘busy’. I’m just testing it in its early stages (it’s not perfect yet), but luckily, I’m getting the hang of it.

Also, the catch here is I only use my iPod’s Phonto app, so everything is limited, unlike when you use image manipulation softwares like Photoshop. More challenge, I say. But fun all the same.




Using a white background (early work):


More of white backgrounds (updated):




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