PLAYLIST: Hammock Afternoons

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When I woke up at 7:44 a.m. today, it was colder and sunless than usual. My nights are longer, finding myself drowsy as early as 9 o’clock. I’m reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and Hunter Davies’s book of John Lennon’s letters. Weekends are slow days at home, but a great time to spend relaxing on the porch/hammock, lounging, listening to music or playing with my little cousins or the rabbits running about. So if you feel like lazing around, here’s a playlist I crammed for you, featuring two acts from Manila (Eggboy and Outerhope).

Big Scary – “Twin Rivers”

Tame Impala – “Music To Walk Home By”

Eggboy – “Nagsasawa Ka Na Ba?”

Eggboy is Diego Mapa’s (Pedicab, Tarsius, The Diegos) solo electronic project. This track in particular is featured on RA Rivera and Ramon Bautista’s hit web series, Tales from the Friend Zone, episode zero.

Outerhope – “Hear The Days Go”

Outerhope is a synth-pop duo composed by siblings Micaela and Michael Benedicto. “Hear The Days Go” is from their 2012 4-track EP, No End In Sight. 

Minus The Bear – “Summer Angel”

Cold War Kids – “Hospital Beds”

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Lights Out, Words Gone”

Arctic Monkeys – “Mad Sounds”


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