RAVE: First Manic Monday Playlist

I am overwhelmed with Patti Smith today

I am overwhelmed with Patti Smith today

First Monday of the year! Everyone’s still got a hangover from the holidays and we all know how it feels like. We all need to bustle hither and thither, scram on the last few details on school/work presentation that we paid no absolutely mind over the last two weeks, hastily edit write-ups due today – and you’re still stuck in Monday traffic rush. Good luck.

As for me, I have two articles due this week, so no hurry (yeah). I’m halfway done reading a new book that I bought before Christmas, and will read Patti Smith’s Auguries of Innocence nextI’m waiting for this week to end so the regular screenings at the cinemas resume to normal (no more MMFF, thank God – which, by the way, I had the utmost pleasure to watch last week), and do more housecleaning.

One thing I haven’t done over the holidays is listen to music (except for gushing over the new Justin Bieber album, of all things, and the very nippy, alluring June Marieezy EP). I was rather busy stuffing my face with all the food and sweets that I can get my hands on (and haven’t stepped on the weighing scale yet), watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns, and still haven’t cleaned my room yet. So today, I’ve been downloading old and new albums, which is pretty fun and refreshing.

Here are some great tracks to jumpstart the day:

Patti Smith – ‘Gloria’

Pixies – ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’

Queens of Stone Age – ‘Smooth Sailing’

Mogwai – ‘Heard About You Last Night’

Vampire Weekend – ‘Finger Back’

Funkadelic – ‘A Joyful Process’

Spazzkid – ‘Emily’

Modulogeek – ‘A Post-Rock Intro’

His new album, modulogeek, is now on Bandcamp.



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