The Last Hurrah of 2013: A New Year’s Playlist

If 2013 were a song, it would be an ambitious punk rock track teeming with riffs and guitar solos, with every pounding drum beat synchronized with everyone’s hearts. It’d be monstrous in a very exhilarating way, so much so that even past its end you’d still be able to hear its echo bouncing around in your head.

There’s so much about this year that is riveting; good and bad alike. While there are arguably a lot of people who cannot wait for 2013 to end, there are some who are still traipsing happily through its last few days. Nevertheless, we are all on the same page when it comes to welcoming the New Year. Whether you’re sticking with old traditions or creating new ones of your own, it’s impossible to escape the lively atmosphere—which includes a lot of noise.

Why not make it better? Why not crank the stereo to max, connect those speakers, and play music, instead? Here’s to a New Year full of promising opportunities! Here’s to more joy, hopefully less catastrophes—and of course, more new music.

There is not a hint of boredom when it comes to Flying Ipis. Their presence is infectious, and they definitely draw crowds instead of compelling people to run the opposite direction—like what a real flying ipis would likely do. Street party attendees, warm up and jostle each other with this track blasting in full surround sound.

The great thing about Ephesus is that they are not a two-dimensional band with limited tricks in their bag. They can deliver thoughtful songs sans vocals, as well as they can deploy raucous melodies.

New Year countdowns are done best with a lot of jumping around! Let much needed adrenaline pump all throughout your body during this the occasion. This pop-rock offering from Idioms and Dispositions will take care of the music for you. Enjoy the fireworks and pop the champagne!

Whenever Wilderness is included in the bill, expect a rollicking good time. There is not a dull moment in any of their sets. It doesn’t matter if the show’s in a cramped place devoid of space for free movement. With their music, it’s hard to stay still and unfazed—which is why their songs fit perfectly into any celebration.

The song’s title says it all.

A great year-ender party should have a rhythm. Everyone’s in a jovial mood, some a little sloshed; but overall, a great playlist should be able raise the celebration’s bar from ordinary to exceptional by everyone’s standards.

On a rather poetic note, I’m including not one but two OBS songs from their 2007 LP, Is LoveThe Out of Body Special just concluded their mile-high career with a despedida gig last November. Let’s toast and dance (or more like, funk!) to OBS as the last seconds of 2013 tick away.

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