RAVE: Crawling Back To You

It was rather a very lovely thing to see how Arctic Monkeys progressed through the years. From inarguably young British lads (tousled hair, jeans, plaid polo shirts) to AM-era slick British rockers, fronted by Alex Turner in a look that matches his Casanova-slash-inner-Elvis Presley rocker voice (Rick Astley-esque ‘do, Ray-Bans, leather shoes, crisp shirts).

AM, Arctic Monkeys’ fifth studio release and one that landed in so many ‘Best Of’ albums this year (including mine) and it was no wondering why it was such a hit – and even if it was, I would love it to the last chord.

Funny, because I wasn’t really aware of their existence before early 2012 and even back then, I was still busy remembering so many new names and new types of music. Two years ago, Arctic Monkeys would have sounded to me as a bad or a silly name of a refrigerator or something. A budding dedicated music lover can only hold on so much information at the time.

But fast forward to early 2013, prior to the release of AM, I was all over it. ALL. OVER. IT. They are shaping up to be my favorite rock act yet of all time.

I guess what my point here was, I am going to make up for those years which I had not idea who they were.

Here’s the music video for “Do I Wanna Know?”



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