MUSIC: Best of 2013 (Year-End List) – Music Videos and Local Albums


It’s been one hell of a year.

Incubus taught me to strap myself in roller coaster rides and this year has been a tough one. Filled with adrenaline, drama, blood, and all sorts of loops I managed to survived time and again. Normally I’d see the last quarter of 2013 as shitty beyond shit standards but I didn’t. Shit aside, I am at peace with myself.

And a huge chunk of that I owe to music. I got saved.

So with time on my hands and as a means to give thanks to all the lessons learned and life-affirming moments and revelations, I’d like to share the best and most personal music choices I had the pleasure to listen to and learn from this year.

15 Visuals

15 Visuals

As a kid growing up with not much personal music influences nor resources to discover, MTV was a big part of my adolescence and music videos have provided me fragments of my life as a young adult, not knowing it at the time. Like always, as much as aesthetic appeal is important to me, a story that evokes a strong emotion makes a visual accompaniment much more familiar and gives a lasting impression to me. These are the 15 music videos I deemed best from this year.

15. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’

14. HAIM – ‘Falling’

13. David Bowie – ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’

12. How To Destroy Angels – ‘How Long’

11. Spazzkid – ’40 Winks’

10. The National – ‘Graceless’

9. Foals – ‘Inhaler’

8. Kanye West – ‘Black Skinhead’

7. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’

6. Tyler, The Creator – ‘Ifhy’

5. Disclosure f/ AlunaGeorge – ‘White Noise’

4. TOP – ‘Doom Dada’

3. Atoms For Peace – Ingenue’

2. Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘City of Angels’

1. Justin Timberlake f/ Jay Z – ‘Suit & Tie’

Ten Local (Filipino) Releases

Ten Local (Filipino) Releases

Admittedly, I always lag behind local music. I do my best to keep up, thanks (largely) to the Internet. But of course, once in a while I need to go out there and experience the music myself. There’s always intimacy in gigs, an indescribable, special relationship that exists between the performer and the audience that no amount of bytes can suffice. And when I can, I hold on to it. It’s the beauty of gigs I am grateful to discover and cherish in this lifetime, in this country that I’ll always have in me wherever I am. Here are my ten favorite local releases (LPs and EPs combined) this year.

10. A Problem Like Maria – Bonsai

Check: ‘Lutang’, ‘Lxawana’

9. Farewell Fair Weather – Farewell Fair Weather EP

Check: ‘Sakali’, ‘Another’

8. Identikit – Out of the Floodways and Into Your Homes

Check: ‘Peach’, ‘Weird Just Friends’

7. Autotelic – Autotelic

Check: ‘Misteryoso’, ‘Mulat’

6. Your Imaginary Friends – Silence Is A Villain 

Check: ‘Your Silence Is The Villain’, ‘In Washington Drive’

5. Similarobjects – Tilde

Check: ‘K(no)w More’, ‘Sasquasohuh’

Read my review of Tilde

4. Child/ren of the Pilgrimage – Archaic

Check: ‘Your Soul Is A Jet’, ‘Changes’

3. Sandwich – Fat, Salt & Flame

Check: ‘Mayday’, ‘Fat, Salt & Flame’

Read my article about Fat, Salt & Flame album launch on Pindie

2. Spazzkid – Desire

Check: ‘Marquez’, ‘Forgiveness’

Read my review of Desire

1. The Ringmaster – Delusion of Reference

Hard to pick favorites, but if I must: ‘Lady of All Rung Evenings’, ‘Ghost of Sicily’, ‘Parallel To My Reverse’

The embedded music player contains outtakes from the album, but just as great.

Read my review of Delusion of Reference

TOMORROW: My 50 Best Foreign Albums of 2013


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