RAVE: Best Overdue Tracks

I’m already done with my year-end list of the best music of this year (which only needs some editing and will be posted next week). Since my last post of my raved tracks, I’ve heard so many great songs and I hope to share some of them with you.

Emily Wells – ‘Juicy’

Emily Wells is that brilliant voice at the end of the equally brilliant film, Stoker. “Becomes The Color” is one of my favorite track of hers so you can imagine my excitement when I came across her cover of Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy”. As her style, her interpretation of the song is dark and brooding, with violins opening and her voice just echoing inside your mind.

Check out her latest album, Mama (Acoustic recordings) for more of Emily Wells.

This track is included in my Knives & Butterflies mixtape.

Disclosure – ‘Together’

2013 is definitely a big year for electronic music. Just mention Daft Punk and no one will dare argue (whether you’re a fan or not). Also, it’s Pharrell’s year, along with funk master himself, Nile Rodgers who collaborated with the English electronic duo for this groovy, sunny track released on November, just when everyone is about to welcome winter. With vocals from Sam Smith (from “Latch” in Settle album) and assistance from Jimmy Napes.

starRo and Iman Europe – ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake rework)’ and ‘Diggin’ On You (TLC rework)’

I cannot even begin how much I love everything about these reworks. Drake’s original, however Scarface-y its accompanying music video was, is a love song. Some people deduce hiphop to songs talking about ‘getting down’ on women, guns, ‘stacking’ money and it’s not just about that. But let’s not go there. starRo and Iman Europe just emphasized its message, stripped down of its hip hop element and Europe sang it from a woman’s perspective (which most of the time, I do not approve) and the result was soft and lovely. Same with their rework of TLC’s “Diggin’ On You”, which is as much as a classic as the original.

This track will be included in my next mixtape, CVRS + RMXS (out soon).

This track is included in my Knives & Butterflies mixtape.

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ Live at BBC Radio Lounge


Cherokee f/ Darianna – ‘Don’t Matter’

Cherokee does amazing remixes and this time, a sophisticated house original. Non-trashy, lush, and perfect for a high-end club dance floor.

Though as if you need one to bust a move with this.

Sweater Beats f/ Sunni Colon – ‘Love Me’

Sweater Beats might just go ahead and change his name to Salacious Beats. This original track is full of longing done in the most licentious way – without being tacky. Crooning “Love me,” in the literal and figurative sense, might be the most sensual track you’ll listen to this morning.

Childish Gambino – ‘Telegraph Ave (Ta-Ku remix)’

Childish Gambino’s Because of the Internet is among my top albums of the year. And I mean, no track goes to the so-and-so bin. What can’t Donald Glover do? He’s a brilliant writer for SNL (well, for some reason, someone named Donald is bound to do some highly entertaining things). It was also reported he recorded the entire album in Miami Heat forward center Chris Bosh’s mansion. There’s so much character in the record already you cannot dismiss it.

Here’s one of the tracks released days before he made his album available for full streaming, remixed by Ta-ku.

Skymarines and Francis Lorenzo (The Ringmaster) – ‘Red Lighted’

Like always, The Ringmaster can have that uncanny ability to leave you breathless or shaking your head from awe. His arrangement is a trademark of pure thought and overwhelming emotions. That, and Skymarines’ Isa Aniga’s vocals adding to the weight and texture does not make this track hard to absorb.


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