Lou Reed: Just A Perfect Day For Someone Good


Perfect Day, 1972

The only Lou Reed song I know. I am more familiar with him as a writer and have admired how he wrote a review for Kanye West’s Yeezus. I’ve been reading his interviews (my favorite so far is the one from The Guardian) today. He gave atypical, nonbasic, no-bullshit interviews about almost everything. For some artists, that could mean pretentious, know-it-all ‘points of view’, but his are spontaneous and gutsy. I haven’t gotten around to familiarizing myself with rock music from The Beatles, The Ramones, or more of the hardcore, compelling material I only read in books or referenced by musicians I listen to. I always end up reading about musicians/artists who are also writers in their own right, delving into highly interesting literary pieces or sharing personal details about their life in books (like Patti Smith in her book, Just Kids or Kurt Cobain’s journals). I’m a part of the MTV generation, so growing up I, I was more acquainted with grunge until rock gotten more ‘pop’. But now that he’s passed away, Lou Reed’s genius is something I look forward to learn more about.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from his poem, “The Murder Mystery”.

1. Mister Moonlight
succulent smooth and gorgeous
isn’t it nice
we’re number one and so forth
isn’t it sweet, being unique

2. Mister Muse
fellow of wit and gentry
medieval ruse
filling the shallow and empty
fools that dual, dual in pools

3. Objection! Suffice
Apelike and tactile bassoon
oboeing me, cordon that virus’ section
off—to the left
is what is not right

4. Exit the pig
enter the owl and gorgeous
king on the left,
it on the right and primping
adjusting his nose
as he reads from his scrolls

5. no one nose
no nose is good news and sceneless
extend the wine
drink here a toast to something
ten year old port is perfect in court

6. Razzanatazz
there’s nothing up my shoulder
lust is a must
shaving my heads made me bolder
will you kindly read
what it was i brought three?

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