Terno-Inspired Typo

I am a big fan of the Terno Recordings roster. I started going to the monthly Terno Inferno gigs August of last year, four months after I went to my first gig ever, the Encounters with a Yeti album launch. Since then, I try my best to attend even after it was split into two nights a month. As a local music blogger/writer, I engage to different types of music from different types of musicians, so to pick one absolute favorite is a feat. I welcome the overwhelming amount of local track releases each week and since then developed a succinct taste, a preference, which is evident on the tracks and albums I choose to review.

I was actually listening to Arctic Monkeys when I ended up doing a typography for their song, ‘Mad Sounds’. Then I got the hang of it and decided to do one for Up Dharma Down’s ‘Thinker’, until I did one after the other, which just happened to be lyrics from songs by Terno artists. It was fun to sift through songs and pick the words (and of course it’s easier since I already have favorites to choose from anyway). I did everything with Phonto app for iOS and set all to a uniform 1024 x 1024 size. Since the fonts are limited, I just did my best to complement each font in every line. And of course, I try to capture the mood as I play with the letters. These are just some of the Terno artists (there are currently around 15), so I’ll try to update these soon.

Maude UpDharmaDown YolandaMoon COTP Ringmaster PG Skymarines EWAY HiddenNikki SC RSP TheCharmes

Note: I did not bother to put watermarks so please don’t make me regret not doing it. 😉


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