RAVE: ‘Perfect Dream’ – Mokhov

I might as well start a daily work playlist, given my current job now that gives me a privilege of working at my own pace – which means I relatively have an ample amount of time to engage on my music-hunting. To be honest, I do this out of want, not out of need.

No such thing as too much music.

I opted to navigate through Bandcamp because SoundCloud takes more time to scour on singles, rather than albums. Besides, sometimes, one Bandcamp album stream is already enough for me (EP or not). And I try to discover more artists depending on sound than name (I’m bad at names anyway).

So for Tuesday, I decide to mellow down a little bit, because whatever I do, my mind aches for soothing audio therapy. Here’s an ambient electronica compilation from Las Vegas-based producer Mokhov.

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