RAVE: Curbing Monday Blues

There’s no more need to explain why such playlist has to exist. Mondays are a drag, a pain in the ass. It’s like all the stress in the world is contained within this day especially. In my case, I work at nights. If you think evenings are spared from the horrifying traffic that is EDSA, then you are terribly mistaken. I have to spend at least three hours of my life commuting (and that’s only going to). Once, I tweeted that if I count the hours of my life wasted on traffic, then I’d most probably burst an artery or stroke out.

Thank God for music. I absorb it best during two occasions: during the drive on the North Luzon Expressway, and my walk to the office building. I have a random playlist prepared (or shuffled) for these exactly. But the real challenge lies on which songs or albums or specific type of music can keep me awake and get me through almost six hours total of writing. And not just writing, but in my job right now, research, and regular contact with my editor (which I do only when I really need help, because she’s a really pleasant person that I don’t want to bug on whether I have to put which to which column on my blog list, etc. – okay, sorry about blabbing).

I normally just play a few of the songs I can sing to at the start, just to up my adrenaline. Because usually, I end up just singing, lip-syncing, or worse, air drumming. Ha!

I have a wide range of preferences when it comes to music that I need to counter the tranquilizing effect Monday night has on me. So here’s the albums I found that get the job done perfectly.

(Note: like all my playlists, you must play these albums in this order)

Fly By Wire – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Those guitars on “Nightwater Girlfriend” in particular. The hooks. BAM!

Everything At Once – Stellar Young

I’d be a hypocrite to deny that I haven’t had a Fall Out Boy phase in my life. I still like those guys even now. I dabbled into a little of Panic! At The Disco and even liked one My Chemical Romance song. Although I only heard of Stellar Young tonight, it was not an epiphany moment, but more of a refresher on my younger MTV years.

InVia – frames

If you’re still not awake, instead of drowning your veins with more caffeine, why not try listening to this prog/post-rock that transcends into indescribable heights. “Don’t Stay Here” alone is a monster of a track, with its arena guitars, tendered with soft keys and with some pretty sensual bass lines.

Vacation – Big Scary

Now rest.


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