RAVE: ‘Tales From The Night Sky’ – Stumbleine

The beauty of being a night owl is finding great music in the middle of the night when everything is toned down. The hustle of mornings vacuumed into a temporary halt, giving way to 4, 5-hour séance.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, or came across any of my music reviews, then you have an idea what kind of music I connect to the most: sparse, emotionally laden tracks employed with a wide berth of calm ambiance. So-called bedroom projects that were in fact, got me into writing about them. I try to fill in words they obviously don’t lack.

So I just went and typed ‘rnb’ on Bandcamp’s search field, which brought me to UK-based producer Stumbleine. There were only a fairly decent amount of articles written about him, some of which contain phrases such as ‘atmospheric electronica for the climax-chasing comedown’, ‘fantastic, large and engulfing’, and ‘a journey borne of a love of different styles’.

And they were right. Also, people who look down to dubstep artists might want to reconsider. Stumbleine is one-third of dubstep act ‘Swarms’. However, his stint as Stumbleine focuses on the warmer, more delicate side of his digital/electronic musicianship.

His most recent release, Tales From The Night Sky, is a two-track album loaded with sensuality and ironically, innocence. Combining elements of post-rock and chillwave, Tales From The Night Sky channels a hint of Hammock and Cashmere Cat.

A thing of reverence, if you ask me.


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